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Temple University alum. Class of 2014. Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Minor in French. I hope to go to Paris one day. Pop Culture. The Hunger Games. Harry Potter. True Blood. Starbucks. The Avengers. I can be kind of weird, but kind of awesome too. Talk to me!

I think Simmons is undercover with HYDRA.  And maybe even working with Bobbi Morse (she’ll be showing up soon and I read that she is “head of HYDRA Security”).



"Thank you lifethank you love, and it is truethere is some angels in this city!”

Happy birthday, Marion Cotillard (30 September, 1975) 

One time she left me a voice mail where she said “I have to keep speaking now because I’m doing the dishes and my hands have all this soap on them and the phone is between my cheek and my shoulders, so I’m just going to talk to you until I can get the soap off…” It was extremely funny. She’s just a character.  - director James Gray

Happy Birthday, Marion Cotillard (30 September, 1975)


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